Kids & Youth

what is kidopolis?

Take a can of soda, shake it up, and open it!

That’s what we do at Kidopolis, well figuratively speaking. We take the stories of the Bible, shake it up with games, crafts, and memory verses, and then open it up for kids to have an explosive experience with God. Our goal as a ministry is to teach kids about God and to guide them into a real relationship with Him. We do these things through worship, teaching life lessons from the Bible, making crafts to reinforce it, and having fellowship time during snack.

Secure Check-in

The safety and security of your children is our top priority. We use a check-in system every Sunday morning to ensure your child is always accounted for. You and your child will be given ID tags that are exclusive to your family which will be used for check-out and sanctuary alerts if we need to contact you during the service. Rest assured your child is in the best hands with our qualified staff.

Dynamic Teaching Method

The teaching in our main sanctuary is designed to enrich your life at your level not your kid’s level. At Kidopolis, we tailor our message style to meet your child where they are with dynamic and fun activities. Kids receive a powerful word mixed with fun activities, crafts, and even live action shows! We train all of our staff to be as energetic as possible to make sure your your child gets the best of what God has for them.


We are constantly in planning-mode for the next big event. From summer and winter camps, to our flagship event know as Fall Festival, we are in constant pursuit of your child’s heart. We strive to have your child experience God’s love. For year around fun, Kidopolis is the place to be! Please ask your check-in attendant for more information about our next event.


we challenge students to become disciples of Christ

An important part of our church culture is to ensure the next generation in filled with a passion for Christ.  We strive to impact our youth with Truth and understanding of their purpose in live and to realize that God has their backs!  At Worshipwalk Youth we develop strong young leaders while having the best time of our lives.  We are fun, energetic, and keep it real when it comes to proclaiming our faith in Jesus Christ.  We believe investing in our future is is aimportant as investing in ourselves.

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